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Friday, August 13, 2004  


Pd’s Little Princess

There are performers, who claim to be there by you till eternity and scurry when they see the slightest signs of shaking grounds, and there are others who stick by you and I guess move on when something better comes along. I have a friend who instead watches from the stands, a silent spectator to all these performers, and comes and heals each time these performers fail me. I never write about him. And I sat down to wonder why I never wrote about him.

The first time I had met him, I had yelled, kicked, screamed, bawled and done everything under the sun to have my way out. He’d yelled, screamed and at the end of the day still made sure he had cookies in his pocket to rejuvenate all my spent energy.

Sometimes there are a certain set of people you take for granted, not to do with their ease of availability or heaven forbid, you being under the illusion of being the one in control, but to do with the comfort level that you share with them. You yell, scream, whine and are your ugliest self in front of them, and they continue to accept you for the person that you are, and stand by you through the worst. And words fail to paint a picture closest to the truth.

Living is all about consistent changes. At times certain changes bring along their own tide of insecurities, anticipating a fade away and even estrangement. There are only a few handful with whom one tides over the years and one ends up sharing worlds with across a lifetime. We’d still have separate worlds, but there would be that little thin zone, where the worlds would still meet and continue to shine and bequeath the warmth that we are so familiar with.

I might euphemize on the more colorful performers, each one shiny and spectacular in their own respect, but my reassurance comes from the stands and it’s taken me each failing to realize that and slowly outgrow the circus performers and the magicians. Life still is about magic but magic does not have to be sensational and spectacular. The greatest wonderment comes from the fact that the sun still continues to rise from the east and sets in the west and that the stars continue shining and twinkling regardless of whether we are more of sinners or saints with each passing day. Where muted and selfless they continue to give us joy, shine on us. Till one day we look up, realize our blessings and want to become better human beings in return.

Thank you pd. For being there.


K a n u r i t e
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