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Surely Surreal
Saturday, May 14, 2005  


The Unfinished Melody

Many years has she lived,
A stranger to the life that she leads
The promise of an unfinished melody
Would let her make peace
With this stranger that lives her life.
There’s a certain charm to unfinished things…
But an unfinished she?
Grim is the time that he reaps his crop
Hacking his way through cardboard props
He feeds on misery, this nocturnal creature
Feasts on carnage and tattered flesh
She met him in an enchanted forest
Gorging on carcass and drinking elixir
The mournful moon for a while
Shimmered on his entangled locks,
Mesmerized she stood there,
And reached out for her flute,
And through the notes that followed,
They rode the sinusoidal waves,
For the times she stopped,
The demon awoke,
And her tired lips carved new notes,
And the winds that followed
Rustled through his locks
And lulled him to sleep,
The nights grow longer day by day,
An eternity of sleepless nights,
Her lips bled while she played,
Through crimson blood they sailed,
And a lifetime of blissful sleep she traded,
For finding the note to her unfinished melody.


K a n u r i t e
   1:21 AM



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