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Surely Surreal
Monday, May 16, 2005  


The Unfinished Melody II

Many a days of torrid rains,
Of bleeding hearts and butchered souls,
Her eyes stone cold and in another world,
I watched helpless as she put up a fight,
A bird trapped at the eve of its flight.

He’d wrung her neck like a tattered cloth,
Stamped over her face and broke her jaw,
Smiling sunflower, I called my precious one,
As she yelped and writhed in pain,
All that I could bring was days of torrid rain.

He tore the hair off her scalp,
Through those sun kissed curls,
My fingers would run,
Wishing her a life away,
From all misery and despair,
I’d held her close, my darling girl,
Lying there now as nothing,
But a heap of butchered soul.

Birds of prey circling above,
Kiss me my love, kiss me once,
I cried tears of blood,
As I helplessly watched.

Insane laughter filled the air,
As he gauged her eyes out,
And placed two cold stones out there,
Full of life are you, baby o' mine? he jeered,
A tattered piece of rag you are now,
I bled and I bled too long,
Too bad you have to bleed for another’s wrong.


K a n u r i t e
   11:20 PM



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